Memory Training: Memory Games and Brain Training to Improve Memory and Prevent Memory Loss – Mental Training for Enhancing Memory and Concentration and Sharpening Cognitive Function



Our brain is probably the most precious organ that we have. It holds everything that we value the most. It keeps info stored about our most beloved friends and family members. We cherish beautiful memories of the best moments of our lives and even the darkest ones. We also keep the very valuable lessons that prevent us from repeating the same mistakes.

What a wonderful organ our brain is! But unfortunately there are some mental abilities that already begin to decrease after the age of 25. One of these is memory. This is alarming considering that our life expectancy is continuously increasing.

We live in a world that is getting us used to using our brains less and less. The automated services, modern comforts and new technologies that do the work for us are making logical thinking obsolete. Technologies can also improve your life, but many of them are rushing your mental abilities. If you continue to neglect your memory and do nothing to maintain your mental faculties, your cognitive decline will come soon. Don’t wait to grow old to pay more attention to your mental health. Use the important tools in this book before it’s too late.

Fortunately, the brain can be trained and there are skills that can improve even at the age of 70. On the next pages you will find tools, activities, techniques, games, exercises and tips that will help you significantly improve your brain’s performance.

It is important to start undertaking activities that will stimulate you intellectually if you want to stay awake and active even in old age. The more we stimulate our brain, the easier it is for us to remember things. When you exercise, your brain structure changes, gray matter grows and white matter improves.

The first one performs the thinking and calculating activities and is a tissue that includes the bodies of neurons, dendrites and unmyelinated nerve fibers. It will provide you with a better basis for future learning processes as it performs the function of selecting and starting the information.

The second one, made up of myelin-coated axons, controls the signals shared between neurons and will help you optimize the exchange of information in the brain areas. The connections will therefore work better and be faster.

You don’t need to be a doctor to understand that if you start training your brain, you will also improve in many other aspects of your life. With great amazement you will discover that you will also be happier.

With great amazement you will discover that you will be even happier. Memory affects our expectations and attitudes. A good memory makes you happier and increases self-confidence. Studies have shown that brain exercises also have very positive effects on depression.

In short, by training your memory, you will also train your cognitive functions and improve the decision making and problem solving process. But there is more! You will increase the speed of information processing, you will also learn to reduce distractions to stay focused on what’s important and you will become more aware of what surrounds you so that you can remember it better. This will also help you manage and reduce your stress levels.

After high school graduation, we become responsible for our education and personal growth. Most people stop exploring the world after they get a diploma or degree. Don’t do like them. Don’t be afraid to learn something new! Stop avoiding challenges and come back to life with a childish curiosity, you will learn much more than you can imagine.

Are you ready to start? We have only one brain and it’s time to take care of it in the best possible way!






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